Added 12 June 2018

Dr Mary C. Gentile

Ethical Leadership: Giving Voice to Values

Most of us want to act ethically, but it's not always that simple, amiright? We start with the best of intentions but then we bang up against the realities of what the boss wants, the clients are shouting at us, the kids need us to get home ("stat!"), we have to sort out an issue with the plumbing, and we haven't had a proper holiday in a thousand years. American leadership guru Mary Gentile knows all about it. She's pioneered a leadership development approach, Giving Voice to Values, that starts from the assumption that most can take to lea over, around or through the barriers that inevitable arise along the way between our ethical intentions and our actions.

Added 08 June 2018

Hugh Mackay

The state of the nation starts in your street

Weighing the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary Australian society, Hugh Mackay calls for a renewed commitment to equality in all its forms. He believes the health of the nation depends on the health of our local neighbourhoods and communities, and he suggests we need to add a missing ingredient - compassion - to the national conversation about Australia's future.

Added 29 May 2018

Jax Jacki Brown

Why society needs to change: a creative performance

Jax's work explores the intersection between LGBTIQ issues and disability rights, and highlights the inequalities that hold people back from reaching their full and effective participation on an equal basis with others.

Added 29 May 2018

Prof. Gillian Triggs

Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration

Sometimes, those who try to change the world for the better are forced to deal with criticism from those who would much rather things stayed the same. Professor Gillian Triggs' five-year stint at the helm of Australia's human rights watchdog exemplifies this: her relentless pursuit of justice, particularly in relation to children in detention, was met with political pressure to fall back. We all need to ignore the critics if we are to lead change.

Added 29 May 2018

Kathy Kelly

How to change your community, your society, and your thinking

Kathy Kelly lost two sons to tragedy, then strove to change a broken system. Her story reveals how bad things can happen to the best of us. If your life was changed by tragic yet entirely preventable events, what would it take for you to focus on finding solutions so nobody else need suffer the same grief?

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