From Advocacy to Policy - Communities Driving Change

Communities in Control 2007

From Advocacy to Policy - Communities Driving Change

Conference opened 04 Jun 2007, Melbourne
There are great opportunities to strengthen democracy when community groups are given a greater voice.

Communities in Control 2007 focused on the need for community organisations to become central to the search for policy solutions.

Delegates heard and spoke about the vital role that community groups play in creating and developing new approaches to old and emerging problems, how their wisdom must be listened to, that they must be allowed to advocate.

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Added 05 June 2007

Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody

A Musical Performance

For many in this room, your initiatives began as nothing more than a little idea. But from little things big things grow. Paul Kelly's music provides inspiration for the community sector. Each small idea could blossom into something much bigger. Nothing is 'too small'.

Added 05 June 2007

Sam Lipski AM

Mastering the Media: How communities can use the media to shape policy

Don't just get your group into the media, think through the reasons for doing it. Do your risk management analysis. The best campaign in the world will never work if you're targeting it at the wrong people. Never target the general public; that's a meaningless phrase. Break it down. Know your audience.

Added 05 June 2007

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Anne Dunn, Waleed Aly, John Roskam, Karyn Walsh

The Great Debate: Elected Governments should decide on community priorities because the only place to influence policy is through elections

Is the vote the only voice the community should recieve?

Added 05 June 2007

Sharan Burrow

The 2007 Community Leadership Oration

The word 'community' appears to have dropped from our political lexicon. Not just the word, but the idea of the community seems to have been lost, and has been replaced with a debate around economic prosperity. People deserve healthier communities with the fundamental services of health, education, housing, transport and the like. We have a lot to defend.

Added 05 June 2007

The Hon Peter Batchelor MLA

The Virtuous Circle: Community - Government - Policy - Action

There's a pressing need for us to think more about fundamental change; change that focuses on prevention, and change that opens up opportunities to people who are excluded. Labor want to do more to make Victoria a fairer place. A fairer Victoria is good for everyone.