The Community Challenge: Building pathways towards true social inclusion

Communities in Control 2008

The Community Challenge: Building pathways towards true social inclusion

Conference opened 16 Jun 2008, Melbourne
Love it or loathe it, Australia is changing: politically; environmentally; socially and economically - there is no escaping the impacts of globalisation.

Globalisation has changed the way we live, the way we organise our work in communities, our social groupings, our very way of thinking.

It has created stresses and strains, a sense of powerlessness and feelings of loss of control; but also excitement at previously unimagined opportunities, at the new ways of thinking and doing and creating, of new pathways towards true social inclusion.

If we don't get involved we will continue to be passive in the face of trends that most of us had no part in creating and that are already having an enormous impact on every facet of our individual and collective lives.

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Added 17 June 2008

The Hon Peter Batchelor MLA

Affordable, Accessible and Sustainable: Developing liveable communities

We think there should be a dedicated area of government that can represent the interests of the community sector within the Victorian government. That's why we've created a new Office for the Community Sector that will give the community sector a very strong voice in government.

Added 17 June 2008

Pat Turner AM

Closing the Gap: When and how will Australia ever become truly liveable for Indigenous Australians?

In 220 years indigenous Australians have been utterly dispossessed, utterly denigrated, utterly discriminated against, and utterly marginalised. Well, time's up.

Added 17 June 2008

Prof. Fran Baum

Not In My Backyard: How globalisation can be harnessed to support local equality, inclusion and community

Globalisation poses great threats, but it can be harnessed to support local struggles. In the 21st Century we've got to accept that an interventionist state that controls markets and regulates threats to health and wellbeing is essential.

Added 17 June 2008

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Meredith Carter, Debbie Kilroy, Jenny McGregor, Stella Young

The Great Debate: In the Face of the Enormity of Global Threats, Local Action is a Waste of Time

In the end, grass roots organisations, local action, will always triumph. It may take time, but local action will flourish, not diminish.

Added 17 June 2008

Kate Gilmore

The 2008 Community Leadership Oration: At Home and Away: Now more than ever, global issues need local community leadership

At its very best, localism tailors solutions for the specific contours of local reality. It's humanising, accessible, self-empowering. It involves and it dignifies.