Crisis, Catastrophe, Community: Rebuild, Renew, Recharge

Communities in Control 2009

Crisis, Catastrophe, Community: Rebuild, Renew, Recharge

Conference opened 15 Jun 2009, Melbourne
In times of physical, environmental and economic hardship, community organisations become more important than ever.

Providing a safety net for the injured, the grieving, the traumatised, the jobless, the homeless, the vulnerable; giving people a place to recover, to belong, to heal; providing help, support, hope, empathy and light relief.

As Australia reels from the shock of calamities from bushfires to floods to global economic turmoil, a new world is emerging. There will be challenges for many people, and for community organisations - but also opportunities.

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Added 16 June 2009

Dr Jonathon Welch AM

Practical Social Inclusion: Beyond the lip service

Jonathon created the Sydney Street Choir in 2001, which became The Choir of Hard Knocks, and now The Choir of Hope and Inspiration. They've been together for almost a decade. They show what people can actually achieve in their lives if they're given the opportunity and offered a safe place where they can express themselves and move forward positively.

Added 16 June 2009

Lucy Filor, Daryl Taylor

When the Heat is On: How to build community resilience in the aftermath of a disaster

After the fire, healing...

Daryl Taylor of the Kinglake Action Network & Development Organisation (KANDO) discusses how the Kinglake Ranges community is building resilience in the aftermath of disaster.

Added 16 June 2009

Prof. Mick Dodson AM

The 2009 Community Leadership Oration

Governance, in the end, is about power. It's about relationships and processes of representation, decision making and accountability. It's about who decides and who has the authority to decide. It's about how decision makers gain legitimacy. It's about who has the influence and it's about how that influence is exercised; how decisions are made and how decision makers are held accountable to the stakeholders.

Added 16 June 2009

Richard Watson

A Return to Community? The futurist's view of what lies in store

Communities have shifted. They used to be about physical spaces - the village, the street, the town. They're now about having a shared interest; but when communities primarily exist online, the communities are narrow, superficial, and ultimately unfulfilling. It's not about numbers, it's about quality.

Added 16 June 2009

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, The Hon Clare Martin MLA, Brett de Hoedt, Joan Hughes, Lesley Hall

The Great Debate: Income Tax Should be Increased to Assist with Australia's Economic Recovery

If the government gets more money who has more control? You, the community, or them, the government? Them, the government. Right?