I'm Alright Jack: Reclaiming community in a selfish world

Communities in Control 2013

I'm Alright Jack: Reclaiming community in a selfish world

Conference opened 27 May 2013, Melbourne
We're living in a world of selfies, smartphones, flat-screen do-anything TVs, and obsession over interest rates and electricity bills.

Australians are nervous, suspicious, distrustful of change, and afraid of strangers trying to steal their Precious. We have no confidence that our political institutions can cope, or that our social elites will care.

The not-for-profit sector is dancing blindfold on eggshells. But dance it does! The sector remains strong and proud, despite being under pressure from axe-wielding politicians and bureaucrats, and public complacency.

Communities in Control 2013 brought the sector together with its supporters to rededicate our efforts to the cause we share - the belief that Australians have the capacity to overcome a tendency to meanness and work together to shape our world for the better.

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Added 15 March 2018

Stiff Gins

A Musical Farewell

Celebrate fellowship and community with a spine-tingling performance by the Stiff Gins.

Added 28 May 2013

Jane Farago

Tomorrow's Agenda: Measuring your impact; multiplying your impact

If your organisation doesn't measure your social impact - not just the money, the changes you make - you don't know if you're succeeding in your core business and whether you're spending those precious dollars effectively. Only once you understand your impacts - both positive and negative - can you start to improve them.

Added 28 May 2013

Prof. Andrew Markus

Charting Change: Mapping social cohesion in communities

Australia's population is growing fast. A high proportion of us were born overseas. We have greater diversity than ever, but less social cohesion. At the same time, there's a collapse of trust in government. How can we foster communication and a sense of shared national enterprise across communities?

Added 28 May 2013

Virginia Trioli, David Marr, Clementine Ford, Fiona Collis, Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM

Panel Session: I'm Alright Jack - Reclaiming community in a selfish world

Where does 'community' sit in a world that is increasingly defined by selfies, "look at me!" social media, "pick me!" welfare and all-consuming consumerism?

Added 28 May 2013

Paris Aristotle AM

Speaking Truth to Power: The highs, lows and realities of working with government

Speaking truth to power is easy, attacking it is easier still, but engaging with it in a genuine and strategic manner - redirecting it to be an instrument of good, to better the lives of all, including the most vulnerable amongst us - that's where the real challenge lies.