Added 31 May 2016

Abraham Nouk

Words Have Meaning

"It takes courage to be kind.


So how brave are we?"

Added 30 May 2016

Shellie Morris

A Musical Performance

2014 Northern Territory Australian of the Year Shellie Morris is one of Australia's finest singer-songwriters. She has performed everywhere from the world's concert stages to campfires in Australia's most remote communities. Shellie has featured with the award-winning Black Arm Band, has collaborated with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and was a composer of the musical film Prison Songs.

Added 25 May 2015

Christine Anu

A Musical Performance

Communities in Control 2015 - Christine Any provides heartfelt thoughts and a stunning rendition of some of her favourite works.

Added 05 June 2007

Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody

A Musical Performance

For many in this room, your initiatives began as nothing more than a little idea. But from little things big things grow. Paul Kelly's music provides inspiration for the community sector. Each small idea could blossom into something much bigger. Nothing is 'too small'.

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