Andrew Denton

Andrew Denton

Australian creative force; media innovator, producer

Andrew Denton is widely recognised as one of Australian media's genuinely creative forces and is known for his comedy and interviewing technique.

His television career takes in his groundbreaking early work on the ABC - Blah Blah Blah, The Money or The Gun, Live & Sweaty - through to his unforgettable reworking of television's "night of nights", the Logies; his role as Executive Producer of Election Chaser and CNNNN; his work hosting and producing the hugely successful Enough Rope; and as the Executive Producer of The Gruen Transfer, Gruen Nation, Hungry Beast, 30 Seconds, AFP, Can of Worms, Randling and Joy of Sets.

Many of us come to community advocacy through a profound personal experience. For Andrew Denton, that was watching his father, Kit Denton, suffer a painful and protracted death in hospital. Now he's asking why Australians at the end of their lives cannot have a good death. His ground-breaking podcast series Better Off Dead received global acclaim. Hear for yourself why he believes our right to ask for help at the end of our lives, when medicine can no longer help us, is fundamentally an issue of social justice.

Andrew will present the 2017 Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration, in conversation with Virginia Trioli, at the next Communities in Control conference in May 2017.

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