Anne Dunn

Anne Dunn

Following a period of 23 years as a public servant in South Australia and the Northern Territory, Anne Dunn decided to turn her hand to local government, becoming the CEO of the City of Port Phillip. Following this appointment, Anne returned to consulting practice, working in the areas of chairing, facilitation, mediation, community consultation and organisational development.

Anne also works extensively in the areas of the arts, rural and regional issues, local government and public sector planning, and she currently chairs the Australian Government's Regional Women's Advisory Council, is a Director on the Board of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, and is a Fellowship holder with the Australia Council.


Added 05 June 2007

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Anne Dunn, Waleed Aly, John Roskam, Karyn Walsh

The Great Debate: Elected Governments should decide on community priorities because the only place to influence policy is through elections

Is the vote the only voice the community should recieve?

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