Assoc. Prof. Natasha Cica

Assoc. Prof. Natasha Cica

Change agent, commentator

Dr Natasha Cica is a Tassie native with an impressive resume that includes work as a lawyer for think tanks in Europe and Australia, and a plethora of published articles commenting on politics and culture for most major Australian newspapers. An ethicist, academic, founding editor of news and satire site, and founder of Hobart-based consultancy, Periwinkle Projects, Dr Cica is a renowned intellectual and public interest commentator, with articles spanning a range of topics.

Dr Cica is also a recipient of the 2012 Sidney Myer Fellowship for her outstanding talent and exceptional courage as a thought leader and public interest commentator.


Added 28 May 2012

Assoc. Prof. Natasha Cica

I Was Only Following Orders: When to speak up, when to pull out, when to shut up

"I was only following orders" didn't work for the Nazis tried at Nuremburg and it won't work now. Even in the relatively consultative and democratic setting of Australian civil society, however, few of us can escape some sort of chain of command - and uncomfortable situations challenging our understanding of what's right and wrong.

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