Barnaby Howarth

Barnaby Howarth

Filmmaker, motivational speaker

Barnaby has achieved a lot in life since being diagnosed with diabetes, then suffering a stroke after being bashed in an alcohol-fuelled gang attack - he played AFL football for the Sydney Swans, has written his autobiography, filmed two documentaries, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, played his 100th AFL game for his local footy club and was inducted to the Sydney AFL Hall of Fame. But the proudest thing he can say about himself these days is that he's just a regular bloke on the street.

Barnaby wants people to walk away from his talk knowing that as long as they're giving 100% to the task in front of them, they can be proud of the life they're living right now and communities can change.


Added 26 May 2015

Barnaby Howarth

Bad Things Happen to Good People. What happens next?

Barnaby Howarth thinks the life you're living right now is something to be proud of.

Today's society says that if you don't achieve what you're aiming for, you've failed, but Barnaby thinks as long as you couldn't have tried any harder, you should be as proud as the next person.

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