Ben Pettingill

Ben Pettingill

Disability activist, motivator

Ben is the blind guy who waterskies, coaches basketball teams without being able to see the ball, and has even driven a car. He is currently the only legally blind person in the world to have competed in a Spartan obstacle course race, untethered. He's not limited by circumstances and his potential is infinite.

Ben is the co-founder of Challenge on Purpose, through which teams participate in a variety of challenges that test them both physically and mentally while raising funds for organisations close to their hearts.

Ben views life as an oasis of opportunity to learn and grow. While he may not be able to see physically, what he can see is that "life has no limits" other than what we impose on ourselves. He says it's up to us to create the life that we see for ourselves.

Ben is passionate about sharing the tools he has used to build resilience and to see opportunity even in the face of adversity.

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