Brett de Hoedt

Brett de Hoedt

Public relations expert

Brett is a media trainer and the founder of Hootville Communications, a public relations agency that serves not-for-profit clients. Prior to starting Hootville, Brett worked as a print journalist, talk radio host and publicist with various media organisations including Truth, New Idea, Channel 7, ABC TV, ABC radio and radio 3AK.

He recently returned to the airwaves, hosting a Saturday morning show on Melbourne's 1377AM MyMP. Brett is a true believer in community causes, community organisations, and the people who choose to support them.

Brett will moderate a panel session at the next Communities in Control conference in May 2019.

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Added 20 May 2019

Brett de Hoedt

Community Innovations Panel

Who builds stronger communities? The community! Sometimes the best advice you can get is from your peers: someone who's been there, done that, and knows what works. In this session you'll hear from a hand-picked selection of innovative community leaders who will showcase their lessons in building stronger communities.

Added 30 May 2017

Brett de Hoedt, Luke Hilakari, Rodney Croome AM, Dr Sonja Hood, Matthew Phillips, Katerina Gaita

Power to the People: Creating change from the ground up

There's more than one way to win a spat - and you need to be adept at all of them. Politics is a competition of ideas, and the community sector can't shy away.

Added 25 May 2015

Brett de Hoedt, Alan Crabbe, Alicia Darvall, Jo Lim, Anna Robinson

Panel Session: Crossing the electronic frontier - or straddling the electric fence

Uber is disrupting taxi driving, airbnb is disrupting the hotel business, what new app is going to disrupt the community sector? Or has it happened already and nobody's told you?

Added 26 May 2014

Brett de Hoedt, Cr Stephen Mayne, Rowena Doo, Maggie Maguire, Peter Kenyon

Panel Session: The Great Debate - Bambi v Godzilla - Not-for-profit, charity and council mergers

Should community groups, charities and local government authorities be small, nimble, and responsive, or big, cost-effective, and secure?

Added 29 May 2012

Brett de Hoedt, Eyal Halamish, Cr Stephen Mayne, John Thwaites, Fran Bailey

Panel Session: Government Works - The OurSay Panel Responds

Hear what our panellists have to say on the issues you and your peers voted as most important.

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