Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford

journalist, social commentator

Clementine is a forward thinking social commentator and a prominent writer and feminist. She has previously worked as a policy officer for YWCA and as a media advisor in a state political campaign.

Currently writing for Fairfax, appearing in The Age and Daily Life as well as frequent appearances on ABC radio, Clementine knows that she is hitting the right spot when Andrew Bolt calls her "just some feminist with bared tattoos".

Clementine's insight provides an indispensable, spirited and eloquent voice for equality.


Added 25 May 2015

Clementine Ford

Empowerment is a zero sum game

If women are to gain power over their own lives, men must lose power. That's fair. Men can't be expected to like it. That's tough.

If we want to be really fair and balanced, men should spend the next 4000 years as the household property of women and get the vote sometime around the year 5916 (equal pay could take a little longer). Then they get to complain.

Added 28 May 2013

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Panel Session: I'm Alright Jack - Reclaiming community in a selfish world

Where does 'community' sit in a world that is increasingly defined by selfies, "look at me!" social media, "pick me!" welfare and all-consuming consumerism?

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