Dr Anne Summers AO

Dr Anne Summers AO

Writer, journalist

Anne is a writer, journalist and leader of the generation and movement that changed Australia for women - and men. Her 1975 bestselling book Damned Whores and God's Police, which remained in print until 2008, changed the way women were perceived in this country. Her latest book is The Lost Mother.

Anne ran the Federal Government's Office of the Status for Women from 1983-1986 and later was an advisor to the Hawke and Keating Governments. She continues to work to help develop women's leadership in Australia.


Added 01 June 2010

Dr Anne Summers AO

Shifting Power: We changed the world, now what's different?

In the 1970s, Anne Summers was at the vanguard of the movement that changed Australia for women. Three decades on, debate still rages about equal pay, female representation on boards and in other senior roles remains pitifully low, and female-dominated professions remain largely under-valued and underpaid.

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