Dr James Whelan

Dr James Whelan

Environmental researcher

At the time of his speech, Dr James Whelan was the Research Director for the Public Service Research Program at the Centre for Policy Development. James' research history includes lecturing and leading social science research programs with several universities and research institutions on topics including deliberative governance, environmental politics, popular education and social movements.

He has published widely and contributed to national and international conferences. James has also been a campaigner and strategist with social and environmental justice organisations and networks.


Added 28 May 2012

Dr James Whelan

Is Australia ready for 'Big Society'?

Former Reserve Bank Governor Bernie Fraser recently observed that Australian governments are "paving the way for an extreme ideology of small government". Conservative politicians, journalists and think tanks promote a much smaller state that plays a less active part in our lives. How would a sudden contraction of the public sector effect Australian society?

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