Dr Jonathon Welch AM

Dr Jonathon Welch AM

Musical Director and Choirmaster

Jonathon Welch has combined his profound belief in equality and inclusion with his deep love of music to create and head up some of Australia's best-loved community choirs.

One of the finest tenors of his generation, Jonathon began his singing career with the Victoria State Opera in 1984 and has performed with some of the world's most highly acclaimed singers, directors and conductors. These days he is best known as the high-profile director of the newly named Choir of Hope and Inspiration, a choir that has taken the marginalised into the mainstream.


Added 16 June 2009

Dr Jonathon Welch AM

Practical Social Inclusion: Beyond the lip service

Jonathon created the Sydney Street Choir in 2001, which became The Choir of Hard Knocks, and now The Choir of Hope and Inspiration. They've been together for almost a decade. They show what people can actually achieve in their lives if they're given the opportunity and offered a safe place where they can express themselves and move forward positively.

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