Father Rod Bower

Father Rod Bower

Anglican priest, Rector of Gosford, Social Justice Warrior

The Venerable Rod Bower is the social media-friendly Rector of Gosford, where he has served for 19 years, and Archdeacon for Justice.

He's committed to building social and cultural capital and contributing to the evolution of an Australia where there is respect, peace and harmony.

Since 2013, Father Rod has been using his church signs (and Twitter and Facebook handles) to send a message on a number of social justice and human rights issues, gaining worldwide notoriety in the process.

In October 2018, he announced he would be running as an independent candidate for the senate at the next federal election in an attempt to give ethics more prominence in Australian politics.


Added 20 May 2019

Father Rod Bower

All Justice is Social

What does a just society look like? Many of us could probably give our own answer to that question. But how do we go about creating one? Here is where things get a bit more difficult. Father Rod Bower discusses the barriers preventing us from achieving an inclusive and respectful community, and offers insight on how these can be overcome.

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