Fiona Collis

Fiona Collis

Psychologist, social researcher

Fiona is a Director at the Ipsos Social Research Institute and member of the Mind & Mood Report team.

As a psychologist and social researcher, Fiona has in fact spent much of her working life watching, listening to, and engaging with communities.

She regularly visits homes, workplaces, schools and public spaces across the country with the intention of better understanding attitudes and expectations and to help communities, policy makers and service providers find shared solutions to the challenges of the day.


Added 28 May 2013

Virginia Trioli, David Marr, Clementine Ford, Fiona Collis, Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM

Panel Session: I'm Alright Jack - Reclaiming community in a selfish world

Where does 'community' sit in a world that is increasingly defined by selfies, "look at me!" social media, "pick me!" welfare and all-consuming consumerism?

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