Hugh de Kretser

Hugh de Kretser

Human rights lawyer

Hugh is the Executive Director of Victoria's Human Rights Law Centre, an organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights in Australia and beyond, through advocacy, research, litigation and education.

Hugh has previously presided over a network of not-for-profit legal centres, worked as a corporate lawyer, and sat on legal boards, and has recently led a campaign on behalf of Community Law Australia aimed at encouraging the federal government to improve its financial support for the nation's community legal centres.


Added 27 May 2013

Hugh de Kretser

The 2013 Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration

Australians have always been complacent about our human rights. Looking back, though, we can see the gaps in the way previous generations treated different groups. What flaws in the current system are our descendants going to blame us for? How can we develop a human rights culture?

Added 01 June 2010

Brett de Hoedt, Hugh de Kretser, Paul Bird, Cr Stephen Mayne

The Great Debate: Are Communities Out Of Control?

If you believe the shock jocks, our communities are spiralling out of control with increased crime, race attacks, knife fights and other dysfunction. But is this the reality?

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