Hutch Hussein

Hutch Hussein

Feminist, refugee advocate, writer

Hutch Hussein is the Business Development Manager at the Northern Migrant Resource Centre in Melbourne's northern suburbs. She works with - and for - migrant and refugee communities by securing funds, partnerships and sponsorships for community building projects.

Hutch is passionate about empowering young people, in particular young women, at the individual and global level. In her "spare time", she also volunteers with a number of organisations, aiming to empower women to make a difference in public life.

She co-convenes EMILY's List in Victoria, and was also a Founding Board Member for the Women's Rights Action Network - Australia (WRANA).


Added 20 June 2006

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Jacqui Katona, Peter Kenyon, Assoc. Prof. Dr Christopher Newell AM, Hutch Hussein

The Great Debate: Neighbourhoods are Dead and the Individual Now Reigns Supreme

Are neighbourhoods still important or has the individual taken over?

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