Jenny McGregor

Jenny McGregor

Jenny McGregor is the founding director and chief executive officer of the University of Melbourne's AsiaLink Centre. Under her leadership, Asialink has become Australia's largest such centre, with an annual budget of more than $8 million and activities throughout the region spanning education, the arts, media and corporate and public programs.

Jenny is also on the advisory board of the Asia Institute and the Dunlop Asia Awards, and is a member of the APEC Women Leaders Network. She has previously worked as a political advisor and senior manager in the Australian and Victorian governments.


Added 17 June 2008

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Meredith Carter, Debbie Kilroy, Jenny McGregor, Stella Young

The Great Debate: In the Face of the Enormity of Global Threats, Local Action is a Waste of Time

In the end, grass roots organisations, local action, will always triumph. It may take time, but local action will flourish, not diminish.

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