Jo Lim

Jo Lim

Acting CEO, auDA

Jo has been with auDA since 2001, and in that time, she has been primarily responsible for managing the policy and regulatory framework for the .au domain.

Jo has previous experience in government policy working on communications and IT issues, including a stint as ministerial adviser. She was also a member of the taskforce that drafted the Telecommunications Act 1997, to facilitate open competition in the Australian telecommunications market.

Jo holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne, and Diplomas in Management and Business from Swinburne University.


Added 30 May 2016

Jo Lim, Georgie Harman, Krystal Barter, Natalie Isaacs

Economy, People, the Planet: it's nothing without communication

Innovation is not about just coming up with big ideas - you need to communicate them clearly too. You need to get people onside, convince them that you have the answer. Learn how to unleash the power that comes with using video content online to captivate your audience.

Added 25 May 2015

Brett de Hoedt, Alan Crabbe, Alicia Darvall, Jo Lim, Anna Robinson

Panel Session: Crossing the electronic frontier - or straddling the electric fence

Uber is disrupting taxi driving, airbnb is disrupting the hotel business, what new app is going to disrupt the community sector? Or has it happened already and nobody's told you?

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