Maggie Maguire

Maggie Maguire

CEO, Abbottsford Convent

Maggie is the energetic CEO of Abbottsford Convent, a position that has led to her self-conferred nickname of Mother Inferior.

Previously, Maggie worked as the General Manager of Moomba, operated an arts and cultural business, owned a restaurant, worked in London and directed a few theatre shows.

When she first started at the Convent there weren't many team members, so she helped with everything from looking after the brides to washing the tea towels. These days she's mainly focused on money, planning and partnerships.


Added 26 May 2014

Brett de Hoedt, Cr Stephen Mayne, Rowena Doo, Maggie Maguire, Peter Kenyon

Panel Session: The Great Debate - Bambi v Godzilla - Not-for-profit, charity and council mergers

Should community groups, charities and local government authorities be small, nimble, and responsive, or big, cost-effective, and secure?

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