Meredith Minkler

Meredith Minkler

2006 International Pratt Fellow, Professor of Health and Social Bahaviour, Director; School of Public Health, University of California Berkeley

Meredith Minkler is a Professor of Health and Social Behaviour, and Director of the School of Public Health at University of California, Berkeley.

She has close to 30 years experience working with disadvantaged communities on issues identified by communities themselves, and then using community building, community organising and community-based participatory research to measure results.

Meredith has also published extensively on topics including community organising, community building, health education and behaviour, youth empowerment strategies, social epidemiology, people with disabilities, health start programs and ageing.


Added 20 June 2006

Meredith Minkler

Putting Communities First: The Power of Community-based Action Research for Health and Wellbeing

The complexity of many of our health and social problems often makes them poorly suited to traditional outside-expert-driven research and the often disappointing interventions it has spawned. And community members are calling us on this, and pointing up a gigantic disconnect between academic research and the real concerns of citizens.

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