Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt

Deputy Chancellor at Western Sydney University

Mike Pratt has been a firm believer that community involvement should permeate the entire Westpac Bank, and that while volunteering and key partnerships are important, Mike has strongly promoted how crucial it is to provide resources that can help all community organisations.

He has overseen the development of products and resources that are tailored for community groups, which is part of Westpac's strategy to ensure community engagement is innovative, practical, company-wide and one that benefits every community group.


Added 08 June 2004

Mike Pratt

Why Business Matters: The top ingredients of real community business partnerships

People are making their feelings known. They are saying to companies "Look at it through our eyes! Add empathy to your corporate strategies. Develop a new style of leadership that blends compassion with competitiveness." In simple words, they want us to conduct our business in a way that not only meets our profit imperative, but also fulfils our broader responsibilities. And that's the bottom line.

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