Peter Kenyon

Peter Kenyon

Community enthusiast

Peter is a social capitalist and community enthusiast, and founder and Director of the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. The Bank of I.D.E.A.S. operates from the basic assumption that communities do not develop from the 'top down' but from the 'inside out'. It's driven by a passion for healthy, inclusive, sustainable and enterprising communities.

Over the past two decades Peter has worked with more than 1500 communities throughout Australia and overseas, helping them to find creative ways to stimulate renewal.


Added 26 May 2014

Brett de Hoedt, Cr Stephen Mayne, Rowena Doo, Maggie Maguire, Peter Kenyon

Panel Session: The Great Debate - Bambi v Godzilla - Not-for-profit, charity and council mergers

Should community groups, charities and local government authorities be small, nimble, and responsive, or big, cost-effective, and secure?

Added 20 June 2006

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Jacqui Katona, Peter Kenyon, Assoc. Prof. Dr Christopher Newell AM, Hutch Hussein

The Great Debate: Neighbourhoods are Dead and the Individual Now Reigns Supreme

Are neighbourhoods still important or has the individual taken over?

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