Phil Ruthven

Phil Ruthven

Founder and chairman, IBISWorld

Phil Ruthven is the founder and Chair of IBISWorld, an international corporation providing online business information, forecasting, and strategic services. He is also a director of several companies, advisory boards and charitable organisations. IBISWorld now operates in Australia, the USA, China, the UK and Indonesia. Its website is rated as one of the most sophisticated and powerful industry & marketing websites in the world today.

Phil contributes regularly to radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and documentaries on business, economic and social issues. He continues to be one of Australia's most frequent and prolific commentators in demand by the media, and is widely considered the nation's most respected strategist and futurist on business, social and economic matters.


Added 31 May 2011

Phil Ruthven

Social Sector Trends, Facts and Insights: Bigger and better

The future for the not-for-profit industry remains bright, with long-term government grants and service provision contracts keeping revenue volatility down and revenue is anticipated to increase by an average of 4.1% per year through to 2015-16. But what does all this mean?

Added 19 June 2006

Phil Ruthven

The 25-45 age-group: from a future of splendid and lonely isolation to the new communities and groups of the future

We have to be careful about what the word "ageing" really means, because we have to keep lifting the definition of "old". Half of the girls born after 2001 will live beyond 100. Interestingly, the average length of a marriage hasn't changed in the last 200 years. It's always been roughly 20 years. Before, it was death: now, it's divorce.

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