Phillip Adams AO

Phillip Adams AO

Broadcaster and social commentator

For over 40 years, Phillip's columns in major newspapers and magazines have provoked discussion, debate and outrage. Most importantly they have unashamedly provoked and promoted public thinking and a national search and promotion of new ideas.

Phillip played a key role in the establishment of the Australia Council, the Australian Film Development Corporation, the Australian Film Commission, the South Australian Film Corporation, the Australian Film Finance Corporation and the Australian Children's Television Foundation. He's been the chair of many film and television bodies and president of the Victorian Council for the Arts.

He has written for a host of Australian and overseas newspapers and journals, has been a columnist for The Australian since 1960, and is currently a broadcaster on ABC Radio National.


Added 08 June 2004

Phillip Adams AO

Why We Need a Revolution Now

Many years ago Pablo Casals, the great Spanish cellist, was having his eightysomethingth birthday in Madrid, and they held a press conference for him and the dear old soul came out and was droning on the way elderly people like him and now I do about what a mess the world was. And at some point he obviously heard himself; he stopped, and then said "The situation is hopeless. We must take the next step."

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