Prof. Amanda Sinclair

Prof. Amanda Sinclair

Author; visionary; academic; management and leadership guru

Amanda is an author, academic, teacher and consultant in areas of leadership, change, gender and diversity.

Currently a Professorial Fellow at Melbourne Business School (MBS) at the University of Melbourne, she held the Foundation Chair of Management (Diversity and Change) at MBS from 1995 to 2012.

Her books include Doing Leadership Differently (1998, 2004), Leadership for the Disillusioned (2007), and Leading Mindfully: How to focus on what matters, influence for good and enjoy leadership more (2016).

Much of Amanda's recent work has focused on bringing insights and evidence from meditative traditions, mindfulness and neuro-scientific research to enhancing leadership in corporate, community, medical and hospital, police, school, union, university, legal and government settings.

As a yoga and meditation teacher she seeks to support people to find enjoyable and sustainable ways of being in leadership.


Added 29 May 2017

Prof. Amanda Sinclair

Leading Mindfully: How to focus on what matters, influence for good and enjoy leadership more

In a world where we regularly feel captured by a never-ending 'to do' list, expanding demands and depleted energies, leadership expert Amanda Sinclair has found a way to block out the noise.

Added 19 June 2006

Prof. Amanda Sinclair

Liberating Leadership: Challenging Leadership Myths and Building Community Leadership

A lot of the talk about leadership is curiously superficial. It really doesn't get at the complexity, the tension, the contradiction, the conflict that's often at the heart of good leadership. Much leadership thinking simply assumes that leadership is a good thing, and we just need more of it. Now this really troubles me, because it encourages a certain silence around the purposes to which that leadership is put.

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