Prof. Fran Baum

Prof. Fran Baum

Head of Dept. of Public Health, Flinders University

Professor Fran Baum is the Head of the Department of Public Health at Flinders University, Adelaide, and a leading international expert on the social and economic determinants of health.

She serves on the World Health Organisation's Commission on Social Determinants of Health, which is currently gathering evidence from around the world about the underlying causes of disease and illness - evidence which strengthens the very premise of Communities in Control: that participation and a feeling of control over your life are absolutely vital to good health.


Added 17 June 2008

Prof. Fran Baum

Not In My Backyard: How globalisation can be harnessed to support local equality, inclusion and community

Globalisation poses great threats, but it can be harnessed to support local struggles. In the 21st Century we've got to accept that an interventionist state that controls markets and regulates threats to health and wellbeing is essential.

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