Prof. Lea Waters

Prof. Lea Waters

Chair in Positive Psychology, Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology

Lea Waters is an Australian academic, researcher, psychologist, author and speaker who specialises in positive education, parenting and organisations.

She is currently serving as the President of the International Positive Psychology Association, and serves on the Council of Happiness and Education for the World Happiness Council.

Lea has been listed as one of Australia's Top 100 Women of Influence by the Australian Financial Review and Westpac Bank.


Added 19 May 2019

Prof. Lea Waters

Using strengths to create change

Change is typically driven by the desire to address problems in our communities. But what if we also saw change as a process of building on strengths. What would happen if we intentionally built-up the positive resources, assets, knowledge and relationships across our communities? What if we could connect these strengths together in a way that makes the impact of our problems proportionally smaller? Lea Waters will talk about how strengths are a key ingredient in creating change and will showcase a strength-based mental health community initiative that she is involved with to boost youth mental health in the Upper Hunter, NSW.

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