Prof. Mick Dodson AM

Prof. Mick Dodson AM

2009 Australian of the Year

Mick Dodson has spent decades at the forefront of justice and reconciliation efforts in Australia.

A Yawuru man, Prof. Dodson provides a living example of the Communities in Control ethos through his thoughtful, uncompromising and inclusive efforts to create understanding between all Australians, and pursue justice for his people.

The 2009 Australian of the Year, who is a self-described "persistent bugger," has served in a variety of challenging and highly sensitive roles at community level, with governments, global NGOs and academia.


Added 16 June 2009

Prof. Mick Dodson AM

The 2009 Community Leadership Oration

Governance, in the end, is about power. It's about relationships and processes of representation, decision making and accountability. It's about who decides and who has the authority to decide. It's about how decision makers gain legitimacy. It's about who has the influence and it's about how that influence is exercised; how decisions are made and how decision makers are held accountable to the stakeholders.

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