Richard Watson

Richard Watson

Author, futurist

Richard Watson is a futurist and author who advises the UK Government on innovation and scenario planning.

The founder and publisher of What's Next, a quarterly report on global trends, Richard also writes for a number of publications including Fast Company. His book, Future Files: A History of the Next 50 Years, has been translated into 12 editions worldwide.

Richard believes that the future has already arrived, with many people adapting to new circumstances by rejecting globalism for a new sense of localism, and a return to community.


Added 16 June 2009

Richard Watson

A Return to Community? The futurist's view of what lies in store

Communities have shifted. They used to be about physical spaces - the village, the street, the town. They're now about having a shared interest; but when communities primarily exist online, the communities are narrow, superficial, and ultimately unfulfilling. It's not about numbers, it's about quality.

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