Sam Lipski AM

Sam Lipski AM


Sam Lipski's journalistic career began in 1961 and he has worked in the mediums of television, radio and print, bringing the news of the world to Australia as a foreign correspondent and astute commentator. As long as Sam has been involved with the media and journalism, he has also been involved in community affairs and philanthropy.

Currently the Chief Executive of the Pratt Foundation, a position he has held since 1998, Sam has a history of community awareness and involvement, ranging from community schools, to the State Library of Victoria and refugee agencies.


Added 05 June 2007

Sam Lipski AM

Mastering the Media: How communities can use the media to shape policy

Don't just get your group into the media, think through the reasons for doing it. Do your risk management analysis. The best campaign in the world will never work if you're targeting it at the wrong people. Never target the general public; that's a meaningless phrase. Break it down. Know your audience.

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