Shelley Martin

Shelley Martin


Shelley is the Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Centre for Community Wellness at the University of California, Berkeley.

She joined the Centre in 1990 after an extensive career in health promotion and community development that included national HIV/AIDS prevention, improving access to health care for rural Americans, and developing the world famous model Head Start. In Shelley's role at Berkeley, she provides leadership for community-driven program and resource development leading to the production of the Center's accessible and user-friendly publications, a number of which have been translated into other languages for use around the world, and whose model has now been adapted in Australia.


Added 08 June 2004

Shelley Martin

The New Agenda: Health and wellbeing achievements when communities decide

It's not rocket science: make sure you have the right message; make sure you have the right messenger and make sure you have the right venue. In this case the message was 'Safe sex is fun, and it can save your life'. The messengers were gay men reaching out to their friends and lovers, and the venue was a party. What could be better?

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