Simon McKeon

Simon McKeon

2011 Australian of the Year

Simon McKeon was the 2011 Australian of the Year. He is a prominent investment banker and record breaking yachtsman, but it's his efforts to support multiple Australian and international community organisations which has earned him great admiration.

At the time of his speech, Simon was Chairman of the CSIRO and Business for Millennium Development, which encourages business to engage with the developing world. He is also involved with the Global Poverty Project and Red Dust Role Models, which works with remote Indigenous communities. A leading social entrepreneur, Simon demonstrates how business and philanthropy go hand in hand.


Added 31 May 2011

Simon McKeon

The Australian Community Sector - Inspiration, perspiration, liberation

Simon McKeon knows how to make a profit, and when not to. He's worked with Macquarie Bank, and he's been involved with not-for-profits ranging from the CSIRO to the Global Poverty Project. Hes seen what businesspeople can't do, and he's seen what activists don't know, and he knows how to bring the two sides together to change the world.

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