The Hon Barry Jones AO

The Hon Barry Jones AO

Writer, lawyer, social activist, former politician

Barry was the very energetic Minister for Science and Technology with the Hawke Labor Government. He was also Minister for Science and Minister for the Future. He's still one of the few people with a truly long-term vision for Australia and Australian communities - someone who continues to really shake Australians awake.

He is one of Australia's most respected politicians and public intellectuals and he's also a dynamic, charismatic and inspiring speaker.


Added 19 June 2006

The Hon Barry Jones AO

Future Trends and the 25-45 age-group: from a future of splendid and lonely isolation to the new communities and groups of the future

Education, health, and childcare are now regarded as commodities to be traded rather than elements of the public good. Universities have fallen into the hands of auditors and accountants. Research is judged only by its potential for economic return.

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