The Hon Joan Kirner AC

The Hon Joan Kirner AC

Former Premier of Victoria

The Hon Joan Kirner AC was the former Premier of Victoria, and Our Community Ambassador. Joan remained active in public affairs after her resignation from Parliament. She will be remembered for her tireless work promoting women's rights, conservation, and education. In 2012, Joan was appointed a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) for her work in advancing equality for women, and for her political achievements in the 1980s and 1990s.

You can learn more about the Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration, named in Joan's honour, here.


Added 29 May 2012

The Hon Joan Kirner AC

The 2012 Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration

In this keynote, the Hon Joan Kirner AC builds on last year's Social Justice Oration by former ACTU chief and international labour leader Sharan Burrow, and reflects on what she has learned over four decades of putting communities firmly in control - and where she thinks we need to go next.

Added 31 May 2011

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Cr Stephen Mayne, Luke Ryan, Cr Samantha Dunn, Angela Savage

The Great Debate

"Local Government is the best level of Government to reform and assist communities." A debate hosted by the Hon Joan Kirner AM, Former Premier of Victoria and Victorian Communities Ambassador.

Added 16 June 2009

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, The Hon Clare Martin MLA, Brett de Hoedt, Joan Hughes, Lesley Hall

The Great Debate: Income Tax Should be Increased to Assist with Australia's Economic Recovery

If the government gets more money who has more control? You, the community, or them, the government? Them, the government. Right?

Added 17 June 2008

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Meredith Carter, Debbie Kilroy, Jenny McGregor, Stella Young

The Great Debate: In the Face of the Enormity of Global Threats, Local Action is a Waste of Time

In the end, grass roots organisations, local action, will always triumph. It may take time, but local action will flourish, not diminish.

Added 05 June 2007

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Anne Dunn, Waleed Aly, John Roskam, Karyn Walsh

The Great Debate: Elected Governments should decide on community priorities because the only place to influence policy is through elections

Is the vote the only voice the community should recieve?

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