The Hon John Thwaites

The Hon John Thwaites

Former Australian politician

John Thwaites is the former Deputy Premier of Victoria, where he led the government's social policy, A Fairer Victoria.

Since wrapping up his almost decade-long tenure as Deputy Premier, John has followed his passions of environmental protection, climate change, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and he is also Professorial Fellow at Monash University.


Added 20 June 2006

The Hon John Thwaites

A Fairer Victoria: Challenging the New Direction for Communities

The first reason that our government emphasises fairness is because that is what we value as Victorians. The second is that fairness is fundamental to economic productivity. And the third point is that it's sound financial policy for a government. Because if we intervene early and support people in a fair way, we're not going to be paying as much down the track trying to pick up the pieces.

Added 07 June 2005

The Hon John Thwaites

Imagine Local Government and Communities in a passionate and equal relationship

When you think of home, you ask how well you're getting on with your partner and your kids, and yet when we assess governments we measure on service metrics and not on the basis of relationships and their quality. We need to understand the importance of relationships.

Added 07 June 2004

The Hon John Thwaites

Doing Government Better

When you tell people you're the Minister for Victorian Communities they sometimes ask "Well, what's that about?"

What I need is a picture of this room with 1500 people from communities right around the state. We now realise that communities are really in control when they're in an equal partnership with Government and with Business, which is the vision that underpins my Department - the Department for Victorian Communities.

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