The Hon Peter Batchelor MLA

The Hon Peter Batchelor MLA

As well as taking responsibility for Victorian Communities in the Bracks Government, Peter is the minister for Energy and Resources. He has also had a long history in government, state and national affairs.

His past roles include Minister for Major Projects, Minister for Transport, and Manager of Government Business in the Legislative Assembly - experience that has equipped Peter with a deep and varied knowledge of the unique requirements of the Australian community at large.


Added 17 June 2008

The Hon Peter Batchelor MLA

Affordable, Accessible and Sustainable: Developing liveable communities

We think there should be a dedicated area of government that can represent the interests of the community sector within the Victorian government. That's why we've created a new Office for the Community Sector that will give the community sector a very strong voice in government.

Added 05 June 2007

The Hon Peter Batchelor MLA

The Virtuous Circle: Community - Government - Policy - Action

There's a pressing need for us to think more about fundamental change; change that focuses on prevention, and change that opens up opportunities to people who are excluded. Labor want to do more to make Victoria a fairer place. A fairer Victoria is good for everyone.

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