Tracey Spicer

Tracey Spicer

Journalist, advocate and media superstar

Tracey Spicer is a beloved television, radio, newspaper and online journalist and presenter, and the indefatigable figurehead of the #metoo and #timesup movements in Australia.

During her 30-year career, Tracey reported for and anchored national news, current affairs and lifestyle programs for ABC TV, Network Ten, Channel 9 and Sky News.

Currently, she works as a presentation trainer for Outspoken Women and the Australian Film, Television and Radio Schools, and media trainer at Spicer Communications. Tracey is also working on a book and documentary for the ABC.

In 2017 Tracey spearheaded the campaign against sexual harassment, abuse and assault in Australian workplaces, going on to launch Now Australia in 2018 to bring some organisation to the movement for change.


Added 20 May 2019

Tracey Spicer

The #MeToo Movement: What's next?

The #MeToo Movement has given a voice to many women who for so long have felt voiceless. There's a new energy. A feeling of change. But have we actually seen any changes? Where are the results? #MeToo is only the start. The community must use this new-found energy to smash the structures that have allowed damaging gender roles to become entrenched. Use the rage. Create change.

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