Waleed Aly

Waleed Aly

Advocate, writer, academic, lawyer, media presenter

Author, academic, broadcaster, rock musician, former human rights lawyer and AFL mascot, Waleed Aly is one of Australia's most exciting political and social commentators. Waleed is known in the public eye as a host on The Project, from appearances on Q&A, Meet the Press, 7.30 and Enough Rope with Andrew Denton, and as the host of ABC's Big Ideas. In December 2014, he finished a two-year stint as the presenter of ABC Radio National's Drive program.

Waleed's social and political writings have appeared in newspapers including The Guardian, The Australian, The Sunday Times of India, The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. His book People Like Us: How Arrogance Is Dividing Islam and the West, was published in 2007. He has been nominated for a Gold Logie for best personality on Australian TV in 2016.

Waleed is a lecturer in politics at Monash University and also works in the university's Global Terrorism Research Centre.


Added 30 May 2016

Waleed Aly

Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration 2016

"You have enemies?" Winston Churchill reportedly said. "Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." Waleed Aly probably has a few enemies, judging by how often and how strongly he stands up for what he believes in. The oration, named in Joan's honour and the first since her death, provoked, challenged and inspires at a time when we as a nation desperately need it.

Added 05 June 2007

The Hon Joan Kirner AC, Anne Dunn, Waleed Aly, John Roskam, Karyn Walsh

The Great Debate: Elected Governments should decide on community priorities because the only place to influence policy is through elections

Is the vote the only voice the community should recieve?

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