Added 31 May 2016

Abraham Nouk

Words Have Meaning

"It takes courage to be kind.


So how brave are we?"

Added 31 May 2016

Peter FitzSimons AM

After the Evolution

Sometime in the next decade, perhaps the next five years, Australia is going to have a party like no party before - our first night as a free-standing Republic. Who's in?

Added 31 May 2016

Magda Szubanski


Through her creation and portrayal of a slew of memorable and colourful characters, Magda Szubanski has provided a humorous (though sometimes dark) window on some of the colourful characters that make up our communities. But as great as these characters are, as much as they tell us about ourselves, the woman is far more interesting than her creations. Hear all about it. In her own words.

Added 31 May 2016

Prof. Ian Harper

The Purpose of Place

For our country to be prosperous and successful, our cities and towns must be better. For our places to be better, there must be deep collaboration between government, communities and individuals. The mining boom is over. The time is now. The communities are yours. The person is you.

Added 31 May 2016

Celeste Liddle

Aboriginal Women Talking For Themselves

The voices of Aboriginal women are continually obscured by politicians, policy makers, news media and, of course, a society which continually privileges the views of white men. Understanding how Australia can move forward and be a better place from perspectives of Aboriginal women is integral to a more positive future.

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