Added 30 May 2017

Brett de Hoedt, Luke Hilakari, Rodney Croome AM, Dr Sonja Hood, Matthew Phillips, Katerina Gaita

Power to the People: Creating change from the ground up

There's more than one way to win a spat - and you need to be adept at all of them. Politics is a competition of ideas, and the community sector can't shy away.

Added 30 May 2017

Prof. Martin Krygier

From Hanson to Hanson: What a difference 20 years makes

In 1997, law professor Martin Krygier delivered his Boyer lectures, Between Fear and Hope: Hybrid Thoughts on Public Values. He could see back in 1997 where Australia was pointing, and he's had 20 years to think it over and tweak the model.

Added 30 May 2017

Andrew Denton, Virginia Trioli

Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration

"Everyone is entitled to a healthy death!" However good our public health care, however careful we are of our diet, however low the road toll falls, the all-causes death rate is, eventually, 100%. However far off the horizon looks for you now, we'll all have to to go through that vanishing point, and we should all take an interest in the boundary conditions. It's the biggest social justice issue of your life.

Added 30 May 2017

Prof. Cordelia Fine

Testosterone Rex: Unshackling communities from a gendered mindset

Testosterone Rex is that familiar story that tells us that risk-taking, competitive, promiscuous masculinity evolved in males to increase their reproductive success, and is therfore built into the male brain and fuelled by testosterone. But Testosterone Rex is based on outdated science, Cordelia Fine argues.

Added 29 May 2017

Dr Rebecca Huntley

Still Lucky: Why you should feel optimistic about Australia and its people

At a time when politics seems increasingly negative and our society hopelessly divided, Rebecca Huntley believes we're more fortunate than we think. While many of our politicians are becoming more conservative, both in their policies and their ambitions for the country, the Australian people - almost all of us - want to see real social change, she says.

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