Take Control: Leadership & Advocacy

Want to lead the change?

These resources aim to help community leaders, and potential community leaders to develop the skills they need to provide true community leadership and influence change in society.

Take Control

Australia has more than 600,000 community groups of vastly differing sizes and shapes, groups that provide a voice to advocate for someone or some issue.

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Advocacy help Sheets

These help sheets will take you through what you need to know to run an advocacy campaign and the various methods and tactics available to you. Use them as a starting point and to spark some ideas for action.

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Your Representatives

Each level of government have different responsibilities so you will need to direct your advocacy at the right level. Our contacts list give you a state-by-state break down of links to your representatives at the Federal, State and Local levels so that you can be more effective in your campaigning.

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Media Contacts

Utilising the media is useful for communicating any news, stories or information you want to get out to the public. Use our list to find basic contact details for many of the newspapers, radio and television stations operating in your area.

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Advocacy Tools

There are a plethora of excellent resources for advocacy activities online. Here we share some of the more useful ones.

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Leadership Courses

Some people are born leaders. Others learn on the job or have the good fortune to have a mentor who can share advice, expertise and knowledge of the best options in overcoming the many challenges. A leadership course can assist aspiring leaders, so we've compiled a comprehensive list of what's on offer in Australia.

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Great Australian Leaders in Focus

This initiative has been created by Our Community to highlight community leadership in Australia. Interviews with some of Australia's greatest community leaders appear in Our Community Matters, a free monthly community sector newsletter that is distributed to tens of thousands of community organisations across Australia.

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Women Leadership Initiatives

Our Community is a strong supporter of any initiative that seeks to bring greater diversity to leadership, public life, and public debates. In particular, we are passionate about supporting women's leadership.

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Community Idol

Community leaders and organisations recognised by Our Community's Community Idol and Kookaburra Awards.

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Pulse Polls

Our Community regularly runs a membership poll to take the pulse of the not-for-profit sector on a range of topics.

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